Container Vegetable Gardening Advice3

Container Vegetable Gardening Advice

Many gardeners believe that in order to successfully grow their own vegetables they need to own a large plot of land or have a big back garden. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Vegetables can easily be grown even if you have no garden by making use of containers. Container vegetable gardening is just as simple as ordinary vegetable gardening. Here is a little advice to get you started.

Before you can start container vegetable gardening you will have to find yourself some containers. Practically anything can be used as a container to grow your vegetables in as long as it is large enough to give your vegetable room to grow. You could use large plant pots, buckets, baskets or planters. The only thing to keep in mind when choosing your container is that it should have some kind of holes at the bottom for the water to drain out.

Container Vegetable Gardening Advice

Ordinary soil from your garden can be used in your container however compost will have a better effect on your growing vegetables. When you have planted your vegetable seeds into the containers they will need watering often, and as they grow bigger and stronger they will require even more water.

As you can imagine some vegetables are better suited to container vegetable gardening than others. For example, if you are trying to grow the world’s largest marrow or pumpkin then a container just might not cut it. When starting out with vegetable gardening container try to stick to the smaller fruits and vegetables. The best types of fruits and vegetables to grow in your containers are tomatoes, onions, beans, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplants.

Remember, if your first attempt at container vegetable gardening doesn’t go well, then simply keep trying. When your first vegetable fruits it will give you much joy.

Container Vegetable Gardening Advice2

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