5 Features to Look for in Your Next Gas Grill

For people who love to maintain flavor and tenderness of the meat when grilling but want to avoid the mess or cleaning up a chore that comes with a charcoal grill, the gas grill is a good alternative to having the best charcoal grill. Not only are they easier to maintain but also heat up quickly and provide greater temperature control.

To help make a wise buying decision our experts have covered 5 must-have features of a gas grill.

1. Multiple burners

While having 4-5 burners is ideal, having a minimum of 2 burners is a must. Having grill with side by side burners and a large enough cooking area will allow you both direct and indirect cooking but if you prefer a rotisserie than a front to back arrangement is ideal.

Avoid infrared grills with multiple burners that provide a consistent heat in all of the burners as it makes indirect grilling impossible.  For better durability, look for burners made of stainless steel or brass.

Multiple burners

2. Convention Vs Infrared

Gas grills are of 2 types, convection and infrared. Convection grills come with burners whereas infrared grills use a surface that traps the heat. The surface can be ceramic, specialized glass or a heat absorbing metal.

If you’re looking for an efficient and faster cook and greater heat control than infrared grills are the obvious choice but these grills are costlier, require regular maintenance and repair cost is also higher.

3. Get a good lid

Having a lid that fits tightly on the grill makes your grill versatile as you can cook a number meats or veggies on it in different ways. Even some high-end models lack lids so ensure your pick has one.

With a lid, indirect cooking is easier as it helps divide the cooking zones into two thus helping you cook your ribs, turkey etc. at low heat to get the flavors bang on. Direct flame is ideal for cooking burgers, hot dogs, pizzas etc.

Get a good lid

4. Fuel type

Gas grills can either use liquid propane or natural gas as a fuel. Liquid propane is often the ideal choice as it is easy to store i.e. in small tanks etc. Also, the cooking efficiency of liquid propane is higher than natural gas.

Natural gas, on the other hand, is attached to your grill using a pipeline thus moving the grill around isn’t an option.  The only benefit of using natural gas over propane is its lower price.

5. Get a sear burner

One reason most people opt for charcoal grills over gas grills is that gas grills do not brown or sear the meat as you’d expect. It ain’t no grill if it doesn’t get the black, charry marks, right? This can be overcome with a specially designed sear burner.

Most of the high-end models come with a sear burner. The sear burner produces greater heat than hot air but in case your grill doesn’t have one, the charcoal hibachi is a good alternative.

Get a sear burner

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