5 Steps to Fix your Electric Lawn Mower

An Electric Lawn Mower is an amazing and cost-friendly alternative to a gas lawn mower but since it uses electricity to power up, it can usually handle only smaller properties. It is quite easy to troubleshoot your electric lawn mower and get it working again without the help of a technician.

Are you looking to fix your own electric lawn mower? Then just follow these steps to troubleshoot your lawn mower and make it work again in no time at all!

Step 1: Check if there is a constant power supply

The first thing that you need to make sure when troubleshooting your electric lawn mower is that it should be receiving a constant power supply to start. Check if the mower is plugged correctly or if the socket is working or not. If you find that there might be a problem with the socket, then try to plug your lawn mower into another socket. You can also use an extension cord so that you can cover a larger distance with the help of your lawn mower.

Step 2: Replace any broken or damaged parts

If there is no issue with your lawn mower and it seems to be working fine with a working socket, then you fuse or breaker might be broken which might have resulted in your mower not starting up. If you find any part irreplaceable we advice you to buy a new one, you can read some reviews at Homeguyd. In such cases, you will need to test your socket by using other appliances and if it still doesn’t work, then you would need to replace the fuse or the breaker.

Step 3: Empty your Lawn mower bag

Another important step to keep in mind when fixing your electric lawn mower is that make sure that you always empty your cuttings bag before you start using it again. So disconnect your lawn mower take out your cutting bag. The cutting bag is where all your cut grass is stored while mowing and this bag is placed at the end of the mower. A lot of times mowers might stop working if the cuttings bag is full so make sure you empty it before you start using it again.

Step 4: Check the safety feature

A lot of times, lawn mowers come with a safety feature so as to protect kids and pets from accidentally turning it on and leading to some accident. Check if the safety feature is on and then switch it off to be able to start it again. In most cases, you have to press a button or hold down a lever while pressing on the ‘Start’ button.

Step 5: Check your mower blades

Another common reason for your lawn mower not working is that your mower blades might have some grass, leaves, dirt, etc. stuck to them which might be preventing the blades from turning. If your mower’s blades aren’t working, then your mower will automatically stop moving. So, disconnect your lawn mower and turn it over to check the blades and clean them or replace them if necessary.

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