4 Vegetables that you can easily grow indoors

Growing an indoor vegetable garden is just as simple as growing an outdoor one. Although an indoor vegetable garden may require more work and slightly more planning. For example, an indoor vegetable garden will require more water than one outdoors, and you may also be restricted on the type of vegetables you can grow. Here are 4 different types of vegetables that are suited to an indoor vegetable garden to get you started.


Tomatoes are ideal for growing indoors, as they are simple to grow, and they don’t take up too much room. You can start to plant your vegetable seeds in March, and they will take about 4-5 months to mature. You can grow tomato plants in cages or in pots with stakes. You should place the seeds about half an inch into the soil, and you should keep the plants away from frost.


You should sow your radish seeds pretty early in the year, perhaps around February or March. They will take about thirty days to mature. Again you should place the seeds about half an inch into the soil. When the warm weather arrives you will notice that your radish plants will begin to flower.



You can plant your eggplant seeds early in the year too in February-March, and they will mature in about 4-5 months. You should place the seeds about a quarter of an inch into the soil. You need to keep the soil warm when growing eggplants, and your pots will need plenty of holes at the bottom to allow for extra drainage.


Cauliflowers don’t like to grow in very hot temperatures, so you will need to sow your seeds in January to February. They will take four-five months to mature, and during this time they will need to be kept cool. You will need to place the seeds about half an inch into the soil, and they need to be harvested before their heads open up.


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